Hey, we are Brixel.

  • Daniela

    For me Brixel is an opportunity to help each clients in an honest way and to create a bond of trust in an industry that often does not have it. The fact that Brixel stands for transparency and flexibility is completely in line with my personality. Human value over financial value. Selling or buying a house is always a special project and more than just supporting and helping to sell or buy, I love tailoring it to the needs of each person.

  • Fabio

    I am attracted by the challenge of always finding new, innovative ways as an „underdog“ in a very traditional market. And to always keep the needs of our customers in mind.

  • Gabriela

    Brixel combines my passion for design and technology with my pleasure in helping people make their dreams come true. We have a unique space to create and develop the tools that were missing to simplify and enable our customers to sell their properties indepen­dently.

  • Gonçalo

    What I like at Brixel is that it’s all about the people. The profes­sio­nalism, care and respon­si­bility in every area of the company, from code and design, business and sales, we are surrounded by people that encourage us to be proud, proactive and the best version of ourself at Brixel.

  • Huzaifa

    I joined Brixel to transform grumpy real-estate trading to a futuristic one. As a User Interface Developer, I take part in both product design and development process with the team. I enjoy developing human-centric clean interface. Therefore, my role at Brixel is to make sure our clients get seamless interactive web experience.

  • Martin

    We meet people and their stories about home ownership every day. A fascinating challenge that drives us to constantly improve – in personal contact as well as with our online tools.

  • Mattia

    We are creating a product to to present not only the client properties but even the neighbourhood to let know all information to prospect customer. I really like to be part of the team, developing a great product, discussing with the team to find a better way to do that and even studying to do that.

  • Michael

    I am excited to simplify unneces­sarily complicated processes and make complex topics accessible to more people. With Brixel, I can challenge the status quo of the real estate industry and be part of a new way of doing real estate. Besides, it’s great to live out my passion for good design in my daily work.

  • Nazareno

    I like to work at Brixel because of the challenge to empower the common people to sell their properties in a transparent and fair way. The real estate market is a new world for me and that is awesome. So i’ll do my best to contribute to getting it better together with the Brixel team.

  • Nicole

    Real estate is a life topic about wishes, desires, realities and ideas. Be it the current housing situation or a future one. This interests me and I like to accompany through these stages. From the first check of their own property to the sale and purchase of the desired property.

  • Pedro

    As a frontend developer, i love the way we as a team think, structure and solve the technology challenges that real estate brings to us. Also, Brixel allows me to create and enhance our products using state-of-the-art technology. Ultimately this provides our users with a much better product and experience.

  • Pol

    At Brixel, I can use my versatile experience from customer consulting every day, especially when it comes to identifying the different needs of each customer and finding the right solution together with you. I am also convinced by the values that Brixel lives.

  • Rafaela

    I find motivating to be part of a disruptive company, focused on the human being and with a great purpose. At Brixel we develop products and services that aim to capacitate our clients in a techno­logical, accessible, and unbureau­cratic way. We have a great opportunity to challenge and reshape the real estate market!

  • Rui

    There is nothing more motivating than helping people with something that has as much impact on their life as their homes. Consequently, having such a great human focus, with values such as transparency and simplicity - which are so lacking in the real estate market - Brixel becomes the ideal home for me.

"A listing portal is not a transaction platform."

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