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The most direct solution to sell and buy residential real estate.

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How is Brixel different?

  • We are no agent.

    All our services have fixed prices. Without any exclusive brokerage contract. Stay flexible through the whole process.

  • Book a free test drive.

    Convince yourself of our quality before you commit to any package. We offer a free trial for all our packages. No strings attached.

  • We go all the way.

    Brixel is a fully integrated transaction platform. We support you all the way to the notary for a smooth process.

Our markets.

Our premium standard every property deserves.

  • The best presentation for your property.

    All our properties are presented on a dedicated website with a 3D tour, high-quality photos, floor plans, all relevant documents, and much more. Buyers confirm that the presentation is outstanding.

  • Bank approved information.

    Mortgage providers accept our standard to review the financing. Interested buyers can just share the link to the property website.

  • Smooth process until the notary.

    Our proven process brings you to the notary. All data has just to be added once and is instantly shared with our experts.

How Brixel works.

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    Create a digital twin of your property for free.

    There is no easier way to start. Just add a few inputs about your property and start with a free price indication. You decide if you want to prepare more information yourself or if you want to schedule a free consultation & scan by our experts.

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    Get access to our off-market matchmaking.

    Test the real demand for your property on our pre-market. If there is a match, you can easily connect with one of our registered buyers without even going public. We never share any personal data without your consent.

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    Connect directly without middlemen.

    Do you want to spread the word? Just choose one of our service packages to get the maximum reach on the biggest portals. All requests are mirrored in your account so that you always know about the status of your transaction. We directly connect buyers & sellers – without a middleman in between.

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    Pick a buyer and close the deal.

    Our customer success team qualifies, curates, and delivers candidates. You just have to choose with whom you want to close the deal. We make sure that you get to the notary as smoothly as possible.

Why a listing portal is no marketplace.

"Simple. Clear. Competent."

The Schmids,
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"That's what the real estate market needs."

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"Absolutely perfect and straightforward."

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"We would sell with Brixel again anytime."

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"Very good, from A to Z."

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"Excellent service with flexible fees."

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The most direct 🎯 solution to sell and buy residential real estate.